Maritime Repair Services

Seven Seas Job provides qualified staff for the shipbuilding and ship repair sector.

Seven Seas Job Repair Services

Wide range of repair, installation and maintenance services

Seven Seas Job Maritime Repair Services consists of a group of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of the Maritime Industry, all with a common interest, to provide shipowners and managers a single unsurpassed reliable and professional vessel maintenance and repair services. Seven Seas Job is a major marine repair and conversion contractor serving ship owners, ship management companies and maritime operators worldwide. We build strong relationships with all our customers, we support them wherever they are and we meet their needs to provide them the best repair services.

We are able to form in a very short time teams to carry out any type of intervention for ships, either in service or on dock, anywhere in the world. For the secondment of staff in shipyards, Seven Seas Job provides qualified staff for the shipbuilding and ship repair sector – welding, locksmith, piping works, electrical, mechanical repairs, IT section, carpenter's work and others. We know that for every shipowner intervention time and the quality of services are very important, in this regard we can form in time, teams of specialists and profecionals to carry out any repairs. As a management company we providing on time qualified staff, ready to face the challenges of different types of repair work.

Marine Repair Services include Structural Repair, Welding, Pipe fitting, Ship fitting, Machining, Steel Plate and different surfaces treatment, Paint and Coatings, Pipe Repair, Electrical Services, Cable installation, IT equipment, Furnishing, furniture renovation and many others. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week service for all our customers, prioritizing to their needs. We can provide our clients with offers based on top quality, best service and competitive prices. Our company firmly believe in building long lasting partnerships based on our tailored services, professionalism, experiences and consistent performance to manage and maintain the quality of service we could offer our customers. Even if the ship is on the move we can carry out any repairing and cleaning in appropriate way.