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Maritime Repair Services

Maritime Repair Services

Ships repair services and conversion contractor for cruise ships and marine sectors

Seven Seas Job Maritime Repair Services consists a group of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of the Maritime Industry, all with a common interest, to provide shipowners and managers a single unsurpassed reliable and professional vessel maintenance and repair services.
Seven Seas Job is a major marine repair and conversion contractor serving ship owners, ship management companies and maritime operators worldwide. We build strong relationships with all our customers, we support them wherever they are and we meet their needs to provide them the best repair services.
We are able to form in a very short time teams to carry out any type of intervention for ships, either in service or on dock, anywhere in the world. For the secondment of staff in shipyards, Seven Seas Job provides qualified staff for the shipbuilding and ship repair sector – welding, locksmith, piping works, electrical, mechanical repairs, IT section, carpenter's work and others.
Ships repair services
Seven Seas Job provides a range of repair, installation and maintenance services for the IT, Deck, Engineering or Hotel departments.
Marine Repair Services include Structural Repair, Welding, Pipe fitting, Ship fitting, Machining, Steel Plate and different surfaces treatment, Paint and Coatings, Pipe Repair, Electrical Services, Cable installation, IT equipment, Furnishing, furniture renovation and many others.
We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week service for all our customers, prioritizing to their needs. We can provide our clients with offers based on top quality, best service and competitive prices.
Our company firmly believe in building long lasting partnerships based on our tailored services, professionalism, experiences and consistent performance to manage and maintain the quality of service we could offer our customers. Even if the ship is on the move we can carry out any repairing and cleaning in appropriate way.
Seven Seas Job offering clients the full range of services a vessel owner requires whether it is docking for scheduled maintenance, damage repair, or conversion work. The company offers afloat and emergency repair on vessels both inside and outside harbor as well as assistance and riding squad.
We specialize in a broad range of activities from engineering and fabrication work, steelworks and pipe works to electrical works, blasting and painting and more. Our company offers services on 24 hours, 7 days a week basis all year round.
Our dedicated team of professionals work together to ensure customers receive the highest levels of service at all times. All employees have received intensive onshore and offshore training to ensure they can handle the tough demands of multiple site environments.
We have earned our well-regarded reputation by providing accurate job pricing, reliability, quality and economical ship repair services to our clients.

One of the projects

Symphony of the Seas - Saint Nazaire - Seven Seas Job projects in Maritime industry

Ships repair services
World's largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, nearing completion
Royal Caribbeans next new Oasis-class ship, Symphony of the Seas, is just over a month away from launching. Symphony of the Seas is final fitting at the STX Europe shipyard in St. Nazaire, France. The ship is 94 percent complete and most spaces are either almost completely done or at least recognizable. While other lines have started to muddy the waters of what constitutes the largest cruise ships in the world going with passenger capacity instead of size, the true definition of largest at sea is based on gross registered tons, and when Symphony of the Seas launches on March 27, it will be the largest cruise ship at sea -- 2,000 GRTs bigger than sister ship Harmony of the Seas, the current record holder. The extra size is a result of two differences between Symphony and the other Oasis-class ships. First, the Boardwalk on Symphony has been extended by six feet, which somehow enabled the line to put 28 additional suites in the area -- 14 on each side, seven ocean-view and seven Boardwalk-view balconies. Second, the Solarium, which is the largest in the fleet, uses glass ceiling panels rather than canvas.

Maritime Employment

Seven Seas Job hire contractors for operational positions in Maritime industry

Ships repair services
Electricians, Carpenters, Cabinetmaker, Plumbers, Cable Pullers, Lamina-tors, Painters, Welders, Fitters, Ship fitters, Pipe fitters, General Labors and other positions in maritime industry.
Seven Seas Job hire contract employees for a specific positions in ships repair sector. If you want to develop your skills and really enjoy what you do, considering a career in ship repair sector it could be a very good choice for you. We offers an excellent benefit package and competitive wages. Benefits available include medical, dental, vision, life, disability, accident, critical illness, and more.
Get in touch with us and we will provide necessary information about work conditions, wages and other useful information. We are in full regulation with Shipyard Industry Standards (OSHA).